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Why would you need to replace your A/C receiver drier?

When it comes to performing work on your air conditioning system, there are many parts to consider. First, why is my air conditioning not working? It could be because the compressor isn't maintaining the right amount of pressure and the refrigerant isn't as effective as it could be. It could be a leaking condenser or evaporator core. Or it could be one of the smaller overlooked parts such as the A/C receiver drier or the expansion valve that has failed. At the very least, you would notice weak cooling capabilities of your A/C system. In rare instances, a clogged or corroded receiver drier and accumulator can lead to a complete blockage of refrigerant. An in diagnosing the problem you are experiencing, a qualified HVAC technician will have to inspect the sight glass in your A/C drier for evidence of moisture. This is a troubling sign, and indicative that the desiccant inside the drier is full. Additionally, whenever you perform any maintenance or replacement of parts in your A/C system the receiver drier needs to be replaced anyway.

The A/C receiver drier: more important than you think.

New A/C Receiver DrierAir conditioning is a luxury amenity that was introduced to the automobile around the middle of the 1950s. It has undergone redesigns and revisions in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Currently, your A/C system is pushing pressurized R134a refrigerant through about half a dozen components as it is converted from liquid to vapor and from hot to cold all in an effort to bring cool air to you while you drive. The A/C receiver drier receives the refrigerant in its pressurized hot liquid state and strains any water out of the R134a so that the expansion valve and evaporator are working with a pure liquid. The element inside the receiver drier that absorbs water is the desiccant. When it becomes saturated, the whole drier and accumulator need to be replaced.

Do it right, do it once.

Performing maintenance and replacements of parts for your air conditioning system should only be done by a professional HVAC technician. Since evacuating the R134a into the atmosphere is hazardous, we do not recommend replacing your A/C receiver drier at home or in your garage. However, if you are installing one in a vehicle that is not charged with refrigerant then it is safe to do so yourself. The receiver drier is typically found in line between your condenser and expansion valve. On many modern cars, they can be built into the condenser assembly. Any time you open the system and uncouple any of the A/C hoses, the A/C drier and accumulator should be replaced since they tend to saturate very quickly.

Keep your cool and save money doing it.

Buying a new A/C receiver drier doesn't have to be a hassle. It's already inconvenient enough driving around without air conditioning, so why add to the pain? At Car Parts Discount, we carry a huge selection of driers and accumulators from top name aftermarket manufacturers like 4 Seasons and Spectra Premium, as well as original equipment manufacturers like Behr and Hansa. No matter which you choose, you can count on a great part at a great price being shipped to you right away. Why wait?