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The brakes are a necessary part of any automobile. They slow the car down and bring the car to a stop. If your brakes aren't working properly, it's important they are fixed as soon as possible. If your brakes fail, it could result in serious injury, or worse. A part that could fail and needed replacing is a called the ABS control module. This is the "brain" or computer that controls the anti-lock braking system, if your car is equipped with it. It uses sensors at the wheels that detect the wheel speed and the pressure you're applying to the brake pedal. If the wheel speed isn't reduced fast enough, this computer component will regulate the brake pressure automatically so that it squeezes and releases the brakes many times a second. This keeps the tire rolling thus maintaining traction and allowing the vehicle to stop in a shorter distance. The ABS control module is responsible for controlling that pressure, so if it fails, you'll no longer have any anti-lock brakes.

ABS has been standard on automobiles for a few decades and it's been proven effective over and over again. In physics, a sliding tire is considered "in motion" against the surface of the road and is harder to stop. A rolling tire is considered "at rest" against the surface of the road because at any given point along the tires circumference, it's only touching the pavement, not sliding against it. An object at rest tends to stay at rest, thus a rolling tire maintains better traction and can stop the vehicle sooner. It's so effective in fact that many motorcycle manufacturers are also making it standard equipment.

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