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If you are noticing a huge lack of throttle response when you press down on the gas pedal, then you might have a problem with your accelerator pedal position sensor. In today's engines, it is not likely that a cable connects the gas pedal to the throttle body anymore. Fewer moving parts means less to worry about... in theory. More precision and efficiency is derived from having a system of sensors and solenoids control the amount of air/fuel mix inside your combustion chamber rather than a cable and actuator. That means that your engine control module can process calculations that take into account the engine and transmission speeds, vehicle speed, air flow, manifold pressure, and exhaust emissions to determine just how to respond when you press your foot down on the gas. A tell tale sign that the accelerator pedal position sensor is bad is a faster than normal idle that will allow your car to drive at a slow speed. This fail safe is intended to get the driver to a safe place so that their car or truck can be towed to a mechanic. Some may think that the throttle position sensor on the throttle body is bad, but only a test of the voltage passing through each of the sensors will tell you which needs to be replaced.

Electronic throttle control was pioneered in the 1980s, but really became more ubiquitous in the 1990s and 2000s. It helped refine and perfect vehicle conveniences and safety systems such as traction control, cruise control, torque vectoring, and more. ETC also aids in the improvement of gas mileage and horsepower output conversely. Often called "throttle-by-wire", this system makes use of the accelerator pedal position sensor that uses an electromagnet at the pivot of your gas pedal to measure how far and how fast you depress it. That measurement is then relayed to the engine control module for calculation of appropriate vehicle response. Another signal is sent from the ECU to the throttle position sensor, which then actuates the opening of the throttle body to let in more air. Additionally, other systems like your fuel injectors and transmission respond to allow your vehicle to speed up. If your accelerator pedal position sensor fails, then you won't be able to accelerate at all.

Replacing your accelerator pedal sensor can be either very easy or very hard. Since it is almost always located at the pivot point of your gas pedal, you can access it from inside the car. You have to disconnect the battery, unplug the wire harness that's connected to the sensor, and unscrew the gas pedal assembly. Some replacement accelerator pedal position sensors include a completely new pedal, some just include the sensor. In any case, with your pedal removed you will be able to install your new one easily.

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