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When you have a properly functioning Buick air filter and cleaner in place, contaminants are prevented from entering your intake system keeping those components clean and functioning properly. There will always be some dirt and debris in an air filter once an engine is started but the onboard computer can compensate for this up to a point. Once the obstructions become too large, air flow to your fuel system will be hampered. To prevent this from occurring, your air cleaner should be inspected and filter replaced at regular intervals. For Buicks along with most other models of automobile, the changing of the intake air filter and cleaner along with the fuel filter is done during a routine tune up. This is recommended about every 12,000 to 24,000 miles or every 6 months to a year. The frequency of this periodical maintenance routine is dependent on just how well the owner of a Buick desires their car to perform. The Buick air filter and cleaner are designed for one time usage. The element can be partially cleaned between replacement of this part by removing the element from the intake cover and shaking it. This will only dislodge the larger particles that have become trapped in the element. Some technicians suggest using compressed air to clean this auto part for your car. This process is partially effective but again all of the micron size contaminants that the element has already trapped cannot be 100% removed. The cost of an air filter is low enough that an owner of a Buick should not hesitate at replacing it when it is required or scheduled. A dirty element will negatively affect the performance of the engine in both the amount of power the engine generates and the mileage you can obtain when traveling down the road.