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The introduction of a new Cadillac Air Filter and Cleaner should coincide with the tune up procedure that is done on your vehicle. This particulate trapping device is the way your engine breathes. The dirty the air your vehicle is goes through will also determine just how long it will last before the air filter and cleaner should be replaced on your Cadillac.

When the air filter and cleaner is removed and replaced, the tunnel leading to it on your Cadillac should be inspected. This allows for any debris in this component to be removed so the new filter element will not have to contend with it upon the engine being started up.

If as the owner of the vehicle if you suspect a dirty air filter and cleaner is robbing your engine of performance, it can be inspected periodically. This is accomplished by pulling the filter element and holding it up to a light source. The sun or a strong light in your garage can suffice. If light can be seen through the filter element, there are still open pores available in it to trap particulates. If no light can be seen, it should immediately be replaced so the correct amount of air can reach the combustion chambers in your engine.

About half way between your tune-ups and the replacement of the air filter and cleaner on your Cadillac, the filter element should be pulled and inspected. At this same time the larger debris it has caught can be removed by shaking the element. This process can only remove the larger debris that has not become imbedded in the filter element. By no means should the cleaning of the Cadillac air filter and cleaner be done instead of replacing it when it is scheduled.