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A new Chevrolet air filter and cleaner will make a positive contribution to the performance of your car's engine and help improve the fuel mileage which your wallet will enjoy. The replacement of the intake air filter on your Chevrolet should be scheduled as part of the periodic maintenance that will also include the gas filter as part of your tune-up. Today's air filters and cleaners are made to trap micron size particles before they enter your intake system along with larger debris. Over time the debris will build up but your onboard computer will be able to compensate for this up to a point. To help your engine thrive between tune-ups, many owners of Chevrolet models shake off their air filter to remove the larger debris that has accumulated for a mild improvement on air flow to their engines. That is fine, but by no means a permanent solution. Even with the partial cleaning of your Chevrolet air filter and cleaner being done, the micron size particles will not be dislodged. It is for this reason period changing of this element has to be completed as scheduled. Some technicians recommend the use of compressed air to clean the air filter. This process does remove more of the built up debris, but with the opening in the filter element being only of micron size, all of the debris cannot be dislodged and removed. For this reason the scheduled maintenance on your Chevrolet should always include new parts. This will enable your car to be able to function at its peaks performance in both power and fuel efficiently for the life of your vehicle. It will also help lengthen the life span of your vehicle with fewer repairs.