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Dodge Air Filter & Cleaner

The responsibility of the Dodge air filter and cleaner is to keep the top end of your engine clean so the best possible performance can be obtained from it. This part of your intake system should be periodically changed when your car is in for a routine tune-up. The air filter on your Dodge traps particles of micron size. These minute size particles cannot be dislodged by any means, thus the reason the air filter has to be replaced periodically. In between tune-ups it is advisable to take the filter element out and knock off the larger particles that have become trapped in it. Some technicians even blow the air filter and cleaner box with compressed air. This does dislodge a larger number of trapped particles, but not all of them. A clean air filter on your Dodge will make it easier for the onboard computer to calculate the correct air to fuel ratio for the engine to operate at its peak level. As particles fill up the element, the onboard computer has to make adjustments to this calculation. The greater the contamination of the filter element, the less productive the engine will be. The Dodge air filter and cleaner box are no longer in the center on top of the engine. Today it is closer to the front of the engine compartment. Each model has a different placement for the component, but they can be easily located buy looking for a semi large box with a tube connected to the intake system of the engine. The periodic changing of this component on your Dodge is required for the engine to perform at its maximum potential and for the best possible fuel mileage.