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Ford Air Filter & Cleaner

The Ford air filter and cleaner is on your vehicle to help supply your engine with the cleanest air possible in all conditions. This not only includes large particles but also minute micron size particles. There is a sensor in your Ford air filter and cleaner that sends a signal to your onboard computer. This allows for the computer to know just how much air is entering the system. As your air filter becomes clogged with debris, the computer can sensor this and compensates for it. In time your Ford onboard computer can only compensate so much before the performance of your engine is compromised by a dirty air filter and cleaner box. As a car or truck owner you never what to get to that point. The best way to keep the air flowing on your Ford is to place the air filter on a periodic maintenance schedule for changing. For the best possible overall performance, this should be scheduled at each tune-up. Another recommendation is to check your air filter and cleaner box at the midpoint between your car or trucks tune-ups. All that is required is to pull the filter element out and shake it off. Many owners also use compressed air to blow the particles out that have become trapped in the paper element. This does improve the air flow through the filter but there are still many of the micron size particles that just cannot be dislodged in this manner. Just like the driver needs to breathe, so does the Ford engine under the hood. While cleaning this auto part should occur, replacement is necessary for your vehicle's performance to reach its maximum level.