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The ability of the Honda air filter and cleaner to trap particles as small as the human hair is one of the reasons your engine can last for many years. Because of the small size of many particles that will become trapped by the air filter, it will have to be periodically replaced. The time frame of this periodical changing of the Honda air filer and cleaner is recommended to be scheduled during the routine oil changes. This will make it possible for the performance of your Honda engine to be at its maximum. It is also recommended to change your oil and fuel filters about every two times you change the filter in the intake. There are many Honda owners that remove their air filter monthly to dislodge the larger particles that could become trapped in the element. This is the most common when the car owner lives on a dirt road or has to travel on one repeatedly. Not only can the owner remove any large items that might have been sucked in, but also the air filter and cleaner box can be shaken out so some of the dirt can be removed. There are even some that use compressed air to blow as many of the finer particles out that is trapped by this flittering device. This does remove some of the smaller particles but it cannot remove them all. The fewer the obstruction in the air intake system of your vehicle, the easier it is for the engine to breath. The only way to maximize this for your Honda engine is to replace the air filter as necessary. The design of the filter element is to trap micron size particles that cannot be just cleaned away, they are trapped.