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The Hyundai air filter and cleaner will remove particulates from the air that is being sucked into your engine so the fuel injectors and other engine internal parts will not become choked or clogged over time interfering with their function. With the new type of fuel injections, this engine component is more critical than ever before. The air filter is located in the cleaner box on top of the engine compartment, and is directly connected to the intake of the engine. It has a paper element in it that traps all foreign matter down to micron size. This is smaller than the diameter of a human hair. Because of the minute size of the particles the air filter element removes from the air being introduced in the Hyundai engine, it has to be regularly replaced. Many people think that just shaking out the air filter is sufficient. While this does remove the larger particles that have become trapped in the filter element, the micron size particles will remain no matter how aggressive it is shaken. Not even the blowing of the Hyundai air filter and cleaner with compressed air will remove these tiny trapped particulates. Replacement is the only way to have an unobstructed flow of air to the engine. The time reference for a new air filter and cleaner on your Hyundai engine is when the car in have a regularly scheduled tune-up. The shaking of the larger foreign material can also be beneficial at the half way point between regular scheduled tune-ups. With this being done, the Hyundai will be able to perform at its maximum level and be able to provide the best possible fuel mileage for the owner of the vehicle.