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The Oldsmobile Air Filter is inside of the Air Cleaner as the particulate collecting device that protects the interior of your engine. Without air filter in place, the contamination of your intake system would be so great that it would negatively affect not only the performance of your Oldsmobile engine, but the fuel economy of it.

As part of the periodic maintenance inspection all Oldsmobile owners should carry out on their vehicle is the pulling and observing the condition of the air cleaner and its element. By holding the paper element the filter is constructed of to a powerful light source, the amount of light that is able to penetrate it should be observed. The greater the amount of light that can shine through the paper element, the more pores are open in it. If the light is blocked or partially blocked, the pores are filled with particulates that will reduce the flow of air into your engine.

Many owners think they can just clean the Oldsmobile air cleaner and its element instead of replacing it. This is a false conception. It is true the conduit that the air travels to the paper element can and should be cleaned of foreign material; but the paper element has to be periodically replaced. The pores in the air filter are of a micron size. The particulates it traps are also of the very small size. The dislodging of them is just not possible. This is why it is highly recommended that during each tune-up your Oldsmobile has, the paper element in the air intake system should be replaced. This will help to keep the air flowing through to your engine in an unobstructed manner for the best possible performance.