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There is nothing like a new Pontiac air filter cleaner on your engine to help it breath easier. This is one of the many engine components that should be on an owner's periodic maintenance schedule for being replaced. The time interval is generally annually when the tune up for the engine is taking place. An inspection of the Pontiac air filter and cleaner box is a simple procedure. Once it is removed, the inspector should look through the paper element and notice just how much light is passing through it. If no light can be seen, then the air filter element is clogged and immediate replacement is required. If the light is only dim, then it would still be advantageous for your engine to receive a new air filter so the correct level of air to fuel mixture can be reached in your Pontiac. Mid way between tune ups is a good time to inspect your air filter and cleaner box on your Pontiac. Not only should the element be inspected but also the conduit the air travels through to the engine. If any large or small debris is noticed in this area, it should be removed. The filter element can also be shaken so many of the particulates it has already trapped can be released and removed. This will help your engine to breath easier. Remember the reason for this inspection is to make it easier for your engine to supply the correct level of air and fuel to the combustion chambers. If the air filter element is partially clogged on your Pontiac, then the mixture could be rich with fuel. This will reduce your fuel mileage and cost the owner of the vehicle more in terms of money spent to propel their vehicle down the road.