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The removal and trapping of particulates and debris is the only purpose for the Volvo Air Filter and Cleaner. This is the first line of protection for your engine has so it can operate in the most efficient manner.

An inspection of the Volvo air filter and cleaner should occur on a regular basis. Most Volvo owners do this inspection at least twice a year or more to ensure the air flow to their engine is unobstructed. This inspection is easy to perform and can be completed in just a few minutes.

The first step is to remove the air filter and cleaner then hold it up to a strong light source. The best light for this is the sun but a drop light can suffice if you are working after dark. A small amount of light should be able to penetrate the air filter and cleaner. This indicates there are still some open pores in the filter element that are available to trap the particulates that could clog up your Volvo engine intake system. If no light can be seen, then it is a clear indication that the pores in the filter element are full of trapped particulates and it should be replaced.

Each air filter and cleaner will become clogged when in use on your Volvo. As the pores become filled with debris and particulates the sensor in this section of your engine will send the amount of obstructions present to your onboard computer. The onboard computer will be able to compensate for the obstructions up to a limit where it will no longer be capable of doing so. Once this level of trapped debris is present, the performance of your engine will be compromised until a new air filter and cleaner are placed in the engine.