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Aftermarket & OEM Air Intake Hose Boot

The key to efficient air-fuel combustion is your engine's ability to breathe through the intake hose. We all know that half of the ingredients in powerful combustion is air, and the other half is gas (or diesel). If your air intake hose has a rip or tear in it, then the engine is not getting enough air for optimum power generation. This will cause all sorts of other problems, including trouble accelerating, rough idle, and a check engine light on your dash. Most likely, the mass air flow sensor will detect a drop in the volume that is passing through the intake, and it will prevent you from engaging your cruise control (as is often the case when your car's ECU cannot maintain a constant idle). All of these things may just seem like inconveniences, but they are serious. Worst of all, your car's emissions will increase and fuel economy will decrease. There's no need for all of these negative side affects to result from the failure of such a simple part as a air intake boot.

Automakers have engineered very specific air intake requirements into the production of today's engines. The air intake hoses aren't just bent the way they are so that they fit inside the engine bay. They are constructed specifically to tumble the air and create turbulence so that your intake manifold receives a consistent and balanced flow of air across the RPM band. If that changes, it could disrupt the delicate balance that your engine relies on; causing power output to suffer. Air intake hoses are made from a stiff re-enforced polymer that is meant to withstand high temperatures, but will be absolutely devastated if covered in fuel or coolant. Make sure they are well cared for, or else you won't have fun driving you car.

Changing your air intake hose is pretty simple most of the time. Usually, you can find your air box or resonator right at the top of your engine compartment. It is typically a big black plastic box, and the hose that leads back away from it ultimately connects to a mass air flow sensor housing or a throttle body housing. At either connection, the air intake boot is held in place with simple hose clamps. When you need to replace the hose, just undo those clamps and pull out the old hose. The new hose will install the same way.

Whether you need genuine original equipment or aftermarket reproduction air intake hoses or boots, Car Parts Discount has you covered. We carry the part you need at a price you can afford. Not only do we guarantee the right part for your car, but we can get it to you in virtually no time at all. When it comes to fixing your engine with the right air intake hose, don't go anywhere other than CPD.