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What does a cold air intake system do?

You've got the need - the need for speed; and the best place to start on your quest for a 10-second quarter mile is a performance air intake system. Factory air filters and resonator boxes are designed to tumble the air that your car or truck breathes in a restrictive manner. This means that by depriving your combustion chamber of denser air, your fuel supply will also be dialed back to reduce the emissions of hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and carbon monoxide. What this also means is that your engine is operating way below its potential, and that by installing a new short ram or cold air intake system you are opening up a direct pathway for cooler and denser air to be used by your engine. The most important thing to consider when removing your factory air box is that by doing so you will be slightly modifying how your mass air flow sensor communicates with your onboard computer. The best aftermarket air intake systems will have perfectly placed mounting locations for your MAF sensor so that you have little to no worries when it is installed. Of course, the best way to take advantage of your new intake is by getting a custom tune for your ECU. Just make sure you pass your next emissions test.

How long have custom air intake systems been around?

New Performance Air Intake SystemAftermarket short ram or cold air intakes were first available in the 1980s, and were sold as a way to improve gas mileage and increase horsepower. After their benefits were realized by consumers, their popularity soared. A new air intake system consists primarily of a wide intake snorkel made from aluminum with a reusable conical air filter at the end. This filter is reusable, and typically utilizes oil as a means to trap fine particulates. It is susceptible to penetration of water during rainy conditions, so water or air shields are used to prevent hydro-lock. Despite this concern, the vast majority of performance intake users report a much-improved driving experience.

Installation is easy, instructions are included.

Installing a new air intake system can range from very easy to extremely difficult. Depending on the amount of room in your engine bay and the placement of the intake tube, this job could take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours. You will definitely have to remove your MAF sensor and protect it from damage during the installation proves. It is also necessary to uninstall your original air box and intake snorkel as well. From this point, installation will proceed differently on all cars and trucks. The good news is that all short ram or cold air intake systems come with manufacturer's instructions so you won't be left in the dark.

Extra horsepower is only a few clicks away.

At Car Parts Discount, we carry a wide variety of new performance air intakes for all sorts of cars and trucks. Whether you are looking to get an extra 5% horsepower, increased throttle response, or to save money at the pump, you will find a perfectly capable and impressive short ram or cold air intake to do the job. Care must be taken before installation to assure compliance with local emissions laws and requirements. But rest assured, all of our intakes are guaranteed to fit and made in the USA to maintain the highest quality standards. So what are you waiting for?