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It should be fairly widespread knowledge that vehicles of nearly every kind have suspension systems and there are a few popular designs that are common among today's vehicles. There is no doubt if you've owned a car or truck in the last 50 years; it probably had a coil spring suspension system. This system uses springs placed vertically to suspend the weight of the vehicle over the wheels. There's also a system that has been in use in large trucks for a long time, but has only recently seen use in more passenger vehicles. That's the air suspension system. It uses rubber "bags" filled with air by a pump, and these bags are placed in basically the same location as the springs in the aforementioned setup. The vehicle simply rides on cushions of air. There are both advantages and disadvantages to the air suspension system. Those bags are called bellows and they're made of a thick rubber. Although they are pretty resilient, they are susceptible to puncture, which causes a blowout like a tire. The pressure needs to be monitored like a tire so it doesn't cause sagging or become overinflated. However, one of the benefits is adjustability. You can lower or raise the suspension by small amounts depending on comfort or the road conditions.

As was mentioned before, the air spring bags or bellows are usually made from a thick rubber so they'll resist tearing but also allow the bellow to flex when the vehicle rolls over bumps or uneven pavement. They have been around for quite awhile as the cab suspension system for large trucks. They may have coil springs at the wheels, but on very long drives, you want to be as comfortable as possible and those coils weren't providing a smooth ride for the driver. So, they installed air bellows between the cab and the lower chassis that would absorb the rest of the bumps and vibration and make the ride more comfortable. For the past couple of decades, luxury car manufacturers such as Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, and others have used the same air bag system in their more expensive models to achieve the same effect. This resulted in smoother, more comfortable driving and the ability to control the vehicle's suspension height. Now, a driver could lower the vehicle for high-speed freeway driving to be more aerodynamic and increase their fuel efficiency. Or, they could raise the suspension in bad weather, roads with potholes, or dirt trails so they would lessen the risk of hitting the underside of the car.

Driving around on leaking air bags is a nuisance, uncomfortable, and can be dangerous if they're not repaired in a timely fashion. If you're vehicle requires replacement air spring bellows, look no further than Car Parts Discount. We carry a few select brands for wide variety of vehicles at the lowest possible prices.