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Anti Torque & Strut Mount

Aftermarket & OEM Anti Torque & Strut Mount

When there is a broken engine torque strut mount on the power plant under the hood of your vehicle, the level of vibration from the engine will increase and can be felt by the operator and passengers of the vehicle. When an engine torque strut mount fails, other engine components will then be exposed to an increase level of vibration and movement that will cause them to prematurity wear or age. This includes all of the sensitive sensors that are on the vehicle taking readings and sending data so the engine can perform at its optimum level of performance.

The construction of the engine torque strut mount is that of a metal alloy housing that surrounds a polymer cylindrical area with a metal bushing in the middle. In most applications there are two such components that are joined together to make just one engine torque strut mount. There is on many models two of these vibration dampeners mounted to the engine and the frame of the vehicle. These components are what replaced the solid motor mounts used on vehicles for many years in the past. This new type of damping component has proven to reduce the level of vibration being transferred from the engine to the rest of the vehicle.

The replacement of an engine torque strut mount is similar to how motor mounts were replaced in the past. The area near the strut has to be supported with a jack or stand before the old one is removed. Once it is unbolted and removed the new engine torque strut mount can be fitted into place before the weight load is placed back on it by the removal of the jack or stand. If one of the strut mounts is broke or failing, odds are the one on the other side should also be replaced at the same time.