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Are you tired of not being to leave your rear glass up on your SUV or hatchback while your removing groceries or supplies from the back of your vehicle? The rear glass supports are important to the function of your rear glass because they hold the rear door or glass in an open position while you either retrieve or place items into the rear cargo area of your vehicle. Without these essential components, it would be difficult to use the rear cargo area to its fullest potential. Over time, the compressed air in the cylinder escapes and causes the overall pressure in the chamber to decrease very slowly. Better seals around the piston have reduced the time it takes to decrease, but by design, their strength will eventually fade. Although these parts are not necessarily a high safety issue, and they don't cause any drivability issues, it can be a nuisance when you discover they no longer work properly. The rear glass dampers are designed to stabilize the articulation of the glass to keep it from closing too quickly, as well as holding it in the open position. They usually bolt on the inside sides of the glass so they're not exposed to the elements when in the closed position.

Typically, they are made of metal, either aluminum or steel, and they are designed to operate in the same fashion as virtually any monotube shock absorber. It contains a rod that is either pushed or pulled into or out of a cylinder. The cylinder contains a gas or liquid, or sometimes both to provide resistance. At the end of the rod inside the cylinder, there is a valve that is bored to provide just the right amount of fluid resistance so the unit expands or contracts at the desired rate. One the opposite ends of the unit are attachments in different styles depending on the vehicle.

Replacing your rear glass damper supports is relatively easy on modern vehicles. The attachment technology has become simple to use and most new designs simply "snap" on. We've provided a few very basic instructions to replace these parts.
  • Find a sturdy piece of wood or pipe, with something soft on the ends, and open the rear glass. Place the wood or pipe in such a way that it props open the glass without the possibility of falling out or causing scratches.
  • Discover the attachment style for your damper supports and detach the supports from the vehicle. Be sure to save any hardware or gaskets in a safe place.
  • Attach the new supports using new, provided hardware, or your original hardware and/or gaskets.
  • Remove the wood or pipe supporting the glass and test the supports by opening a closing the rear.

Properly functioning rear glass damper supports will allow you to utilize the rear cargo area of your vehicle with ease. They will also provide peace of mind knowing your rear cargo area is available to you, should the need arise to carry larger items. Car Parts Discount has a wide selection of rear glass damper supports for many makes and models at the lowest possible prices. Simply enter your vehicle above and they would be located in the Body category.