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One of the most important safety features on your car, truck, or SUV is the backup lights and if they are not functioning you may have a defective backup light switch. We depend on reverse lights to provide lighting to see better while backing up but that's not the only purpose they serve. They provide a visual indication to other drivers and pedestrians that you are getting ready to backup. This is an essential safety feature that that reduces the possibility of an accident. When your back up lights illuminate people become more attentive to your vehicle and take appropriate action. If the backup light switch is detective then you lose this added safety. If all of your backup lights fail to function it probably doesn't mean that the bulbs all went bad at the same time and it must be a component they share like the backup light switch. In some cases the switch may be physically damaged and can be identified by a visual inspection. If no damage is apparent then the serviceability can be tested using an ohm meter. All malfunctions that affect vehicle lighting need to be corrected immediately to insure safety for you and your passengers.

Backup light switches are just a basic push button switch that opens or closes to complete the circuit that provides power to the reverse lights. They are normally attached to a mounting bracket on the side of the transmission where the shifter linkage is located. They are designed to be activated by the shifter linkage when it is in the reverse position and deactivated when the linkage is in any other position. Backup light switches are designed different depending on the car, truck or SUV to meet the specific application and may also activate a sound device to alert pedestrians that the vehicle is backing up.

The replacement procedures for backup light switches contain a lot on variables based on the automobile you're working on. Front wheel drive vehicles and rear wheel drive vehicles are a completely different process in this situation. You need to evaluate the situation to determine the best plan of attack to use based on location. On front wheel drives the transmission is in the engine comportment that has its advantages and disadvantages. To allow access from the top side may require removing several components and obstructions. To access it from the bottom you may be required to put the vehicle on jack stands and also remove skid plates. On a rear wheel drive vehicles you may be required to use jack stands for proper ground clearance but they normally have clear access. You need to use caution when removing the electrical connector because they have retaining clips that may be damaged easily.

The quality of replacement electrical components is always important and when it affects safety like the backup light switch does the importance level increases even more. Proper lighting is normally just important during night time operation but backup lights provide safety during daytime operation as well. Car Parts Discount is an online parts store that you can be depended on to provide the best quality parts, service, and prices. When you need a new backup light switch or others parts to complete quality repairs and preventive maintenance CPD is where you need to go.