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There is a pair of Buick Ball Joints for each front wheel assembly on your vehicle. They are the pivoting components that the spindle fits into which permit the wheels to turn from side to side. There is a ball joint mounted to the top and the other to the bottom so the front wheel assembly will remain attached to the Buick.

To help maintain the ball joints on your Buick, they should have grease applied to them during the routine oil change that occurs on your vehicle. This will require the Buick to be lifted into the air so the weight of the vehicle will be removed from the ball joints. This is the only way possible for the grease to cover the entire component when the grease is injected into the zert.

If the weight of the vehicle is left on the Buick ball joints during the application of the grease, portions of the joint will not receive the grease. These are the areas of this steering component that will wear prematurely if this grease application is done improperly, repeatedly. It is the lower joint that is most affected by the greasing process being done incorrectly.

When this steering component is worn, the effects will be on the stability of the front wheels that will no longer be held securely. The mounts will then begin to shimmy as the vehicle moves down the road. In extreme instances when wear is extensive, the ball joint can become dislodged from the socket and the wheel assembly can become disengaged from the vehicle. If only slight wear is present then the ill effects will be premature wearing of the tires.