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The Cadillac Ball Joints have the ability to swivel while still providing a firm foundation for the wheel assembly to be connected to the vehicle. On each of the front wheel assemblies on all Cadillac's there are upper and lower ball joints.

The ball joints are at both ends of the spindle which is where the wheels are mounted too. The spindle is the component that the steering system is connected too so the wheels can be controlled by the driver of the vehicle. As long as the ball joints are lubricated so the wear of the ball in the socket is kept at a minimum, this steering component should last for many decades on your Cadillac.

During a routine oil change there should also be a frame lube procedure performed on your vehicle. This procedure is where grease is injected into the many zerts that are located on the steering components of your Cadillac. When the weight of the vehicle is no longer being applied to these joints where the grease is being injected, it is capable of covering the entire unit. If this frame lube procedure is done when the vehicle is still on the ground, the entire surface area of the moving parts including the ball joints will not be covered. Those parts are then susceptible to premature wearing over time.

The replacing of worn Cadillac ball joints will help to ensure that not only the front wheel assembly will be able to turn but will also stabilize the foundation on which the wheels are held to the rest of the vehicle. If these steering components are permitted to prematurely wear and are not replaced the front tires will have excessive wear subjected to them.