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With the ability to swivel and still be held firmly in place are the Chrysler Ball Joint mounted in the front wheel assemblies on the vehicles from this manufacturer. On all Chryslers with rear wheel drive there are two ball joints in the front wheel assemblies, an upper and a lower. These steering components are the mechanisms that hold the spindle to the rest of the vehicle.

The Chrysler ball joints allow for the front wheels to be turned when the driver places input into the steering wheel. If you suspect these steering components of failing, the tires can be checked to see the wear pattern on the tread. If a small wiggle pattern can be seen on the tread, then the tires are moving are moving side to side slightly as the vehicle is rolling down the road. This movement is from the ball in the joint become loose from the socket that holds it firmly in place. This type of wear on the ball joints of a Chrysler is from them not receiving the correct amount of lubrication for an extended period of time. To further investigate this situation the vehicle has to be lifted off of the ground and the top and bottom of the wheel grasped. If there is movement in or out of them then the ball joints are worn and should be replaced.

To help prevent this type of wear form occurring, the Chrysler vehicle should have the ball joints and all of the other steering components under the front end of the vehicle regularly greased. This greasing of the moving parts of the steering system should be done during a routine oil job. This will increase the life of these steering components and those of the tires.