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The Honda ball joint on your car is the device that makes it possible to turn your vehicle when the driver desires to change direction. They are located in the front wheel assembly where the control arm connects to the steering knuckle. Most Honda vehicles have either two or four ball joints. On each side of the vehicle there is a lower and sometimes an upper. This is the actual device that permits the spindle to rotate and still stay in place when the car is being maneuvered. To extend the life of the ball joints, grease has to be periodically injected into them. To ensure the entire suspension component is covered with grease, the weight has to be removed from the wheel by lifting the vehicle into the air. If the greasing procedure is done when your Honda is on the pavement, the top portions of the ball joints that need the lubrication the most, will not be covered and begin to prematurely wear on your car. Inspecting your Honda ball joints is recommended during each routine oil change, and regreasing should be done when necessary. This was common in the past, but today with the quick lube shops it is being neglected. If your oil is being changed by a technician who does not check all the steering and suspension links, then it is advisable to change locations for this routine maintenance procedure. When the ball joints on your Honda are being lubricated, the other suspension and steering components should also have grease injected into them. This will prolong their life span and make it possible for these components to operate as they were designed too, not to mention reduce the repairs bills the owner of the vehicle will experience over the life time of their car.