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It is the pair of Lincoln Ball Joints on the upper and lower ends of the spindles that make it possible for the front wheel assemblies to turn and change the direction the vehicle is traveling. The ball joints are the swivel components that not only make it possible for the Lincoln to maneuver, but they also support the weight of the vehicle. Because of this they have to be properly lubricated at all time when the vehicle is being operated.

The lubrication of the Lincoln ball joints should be scheduled at the same time the vehicle has its oil change. If this is done at a repair shop, the procedure is called a chassis lube. This is when all of the zerts fittings under the front end of the Lincoln are injected with ball bearing grease. This not only includes the ball joints but also the steering components like the idler arm and tie rods to name a few.

The only way to ensure the entire ball joint is covered with grease upon its injection is to raise the vehicle up in the air with the wheels suspended. If this is not done each time the chassis lube job is preformed on your Lincoln, then the weight of the vehicle will prevent the entire joint from receiving the grease. This is when friction will be created each time the steering wheel is turned prematurely wearing this component.

If a ball joint is worn, its connection to the spindle will be loss. This will negatively affect the handling characteristic of the vehicle when the driver attempts to maneuver it. The front tires will also have prematurely wear on them because of the excessive movement of the spindle.