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The smooth function of the Nissan ball joints is essential for complete control over the maneuvering of your vehicle. These are the steering components that are located at both the upper and lower end of the spindle in the front wheel assemblies. The ball joints are what make it possible for the front wheel assemblies of the Nissan to be turned as input from the steering wheel is received. These are considered pivot points that must be securely held into their sockets so the wheel assembly does not become dislodged and disable the vehicle. The Nissan ball joints can last the lifetime of the vehicle if they are lubricated properly. This requires the owner of the vehicle to have grease injected into them at regular intervals. The most common time period for this to occur is during an oil change, bust should definitely be done at least once a year. If the ball joint is not greased on a regular basis then the ball will become loose in the socket which will adversely affect the handling of the vehicle. Replacement of this steering component on your Nissan requires the disassembly of the front wheel assembly along with the compression of the front spring. This requires a special tool so the load on the spring will not be released. What has been forgotten over time is that the weight of the vehicle must be removed from the ball joints by lifting the vehicle in the air with the wheels suspended. This will permit the grease to penetrate the entire surface of the ball joint and lubricate it. If the weight is not taken off of this joint when it is being lubricated, the location that needs the grease the most will not receive any when your Nissan is being serviced.