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The movement of the Oldsmobile Ball Joint makes it possible for the front wheels to turn while still being firmly held in place. On all Oldsmobile with n A-frame type of suspension system, there is an upper and lower set of ball joints in each of the front wheel assemblies.

Connecting the two ball joints is the spindle of your Oldsmobile. This is the component that the wheel hub is connected to. Because the Oldsmobile ball joints swivel as part of their function, there will be friction created each time the steering wheel is being turned by the driver. To help reduce the wear of these suspension components, they should be regular greased with ball bearing greases. This is part of a chassis grease job that should be performed with each and every oil change your engine has every three thousand miles.

To make sure the entire ball joint is covered with grease during the chassis grease job, the vehicle has to be lifted into the air. This will remove the weight of the vehicle from this suspension component and make it possible for entire contact surface area to be covered. If the chassis grease job is preformed with the vehicle sitting on the ground with its weight on the wheels, the entire surface area will not be covered. This will lead to the premature wearing of the ball joints. If the technician informs you this process is ok, then it is time to find a new repair shop because they appear to be more concerned with getting your car in and out fast instead of doing the repair job correctly.

The simple chassis grease job preformed on your Oldsmobile correctly will help to keep not only the suspensions components lubricated but also the steering linkage. This makes the vehicle safer to drive on the road.