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Imagine what your HVAC system would be like if you didn't have a blower control switch inside your car. Would you simply clap your hands and expect the heat or A/C to come on? Would you have to voice your commands to the climate control module? It seems silly, and it definitely is. What is also silly is driving your car or truck around without the ability to modulate the power of the heat or A/C coming through the vents. When the blower control switch breaks, it essentially renders your entire climate control system useless.

Since we have had the ability to control the temperature of the air inside the passenger compartment of our cars and trucks for decades now, car makers have actually developed "smart" climate control units that maintain a constant temperature as set by the driver... and even some that respond to voice commands. But it didn't all start there. The first modality given to vehicle operators to manipulate the heat in a car was the blower control switch. It was just a simple two-pole ON/OFF switch that turned the heater blower fan on or off at the driver's whim. By the middle of the 20th century, this simple switch had graduated to a complex control unit equipped with slides attached to cables that controlled the power of the blower, the direction of the vents, and the temperature. Today's blower control switches more closely resemble the original style, except dials with multiple speeds tend to be the most popular.

Installing a new blower control switch isn't that difficult, but probably can't be done by a novice. It usually requires the removal of your center dash bezel. This will be the panel that surrounds your HVAC controls as well as your stereo and/or navigation unit. They usually come out by popping a few clips around the perimeter, and there are special tools to remove them to make this easier. Once that cover is off, you will have access to the mounting panel for your blower control switch. It will either unscrew or unclip from the mount, and you can replace it the same way.

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