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How to tell when your heater blower motor is bad.

When it comes to climate control problems, a busted HVAC blower motor is a big one. If you have tried to turn on your air conditioning or heater and heard nothing but silence, then it's likely the blower motor or its wire harness connector is broken. Sometimes the fan will turn at a constant speed rather than adjust to the controls, and may often be misdiagnosed as a failed motor. However, that is usually the resistor that's bad. This happens eventually; as cars age so do their components. But it's important not to let a broken part sit damaged for too long - especially a part that is so essential to your heating and air conditioning. In hot weather, it's much better to have your A/C, and in cold weather it's better to have heat. In older cars, it's important to have a functional heater so that you can exchange coolant more efficiently and keep your engine from overheating. Climate control is a creature comfort that we've all grown accustomed to, so reap the benefits of technology. If heater blower motor replacement is what you need, then do it and enjoy driving again.

Why do cars need a heater blower motor?

New Heater Blower MotorIt wasn't until 1930 that automobile heating systems used a fan to blow hot air into the passenger compartment of a car. Before that time, automakers were using gas boilers and exhaust gas heat exchangers to heat the inside. That all changed when GM, who was also experimenting with liquid-cooled engines, found another use for the hot coolant inside them. It would be funneled to a small radiator at the firewall, pass through the core channels, and an electric blower motor would push the hot radiant air into the cabin of the car. Since then, there have been other advancements made to automobile's climate control systems, but the HVAC blower motor has always remained a constant fixture. It is a relatively simple part, consisting of an electric motor that spins a cylindrical fan (sometimes called a squirrel cage) to propel air in one direction. The heater fan is located at the firewall, and can be easily replaced.

How to install it yourself.

Professional installation isn't always required when changing out your heater blower motor. For most vehicles, they can be reached and accessed easily from the engine compartment. Since some vehicle engine bays are packed tight, you may have to remove other components like coolant or washer fluid reservoirs, intake air boxes, the battery, and miscellaneous hoses. On some vehicles, it is easier to access the heater fan from under the dash. Once you have located it, you can simply unplug the wire harness connector, and unscrew the blower motor mounting flange. It is usually held in with 3 or 4 screws. Replacing it will be a reverse of the un-install procedure. Consult a repair manual specific to your vehicle for the proper steps to complete this job safely.

HVAC parts are the best at CPD!

No matter the season or where you are in this country, you can't go long without a properly functioning heater blower motor. If you want to maintain that perfect 72-degrees inside your car, then getting the fan replaced should be a priority. At Car Parts Discount, we offer new reproduction and original genuine HVAC blower motors and blower fans at low prices every day. Plus, our fast shipping and 1-year warranty means not only will you get your part in a timely manner, but you will be covered against a manufacturer's defect for a full four seasons.