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The Chevrolet blower motor is the part of your HVAC system that pushes and circulates air through the passenger compartment. The back side of it is located on the firewall of your Chevrolet close to the AC evaporator and the heater core. The blower motor is connected to both components of your temperature control system by means of ducts. When viewing the blower motor, you will notice the fan portion of this part resembles a squirrel cage similar to what a hamster will run on. This makes it possible for the air to be circulated sideways from the blower motor instead of out of its front like most home fans. With this configuration, air is moved efficiently in this confined space. There are several reasons your Chevrolet blower motor might fail to function. One of them could be a large piece of debris has entered the intake and jammed the fins on this fan causing it to burn out. The fan will also wear out over time as it is an electrical part. Your Chevrolet's electrical system could also have a short causing this fan to fail. The blower motor on your Chevrolet is an independent part of the passenger compartment temperature control system. When it fails the heater and air conditioning systems will not be able to move the air to the passenger compartment and this fan will have to be replaced. While no other parts can fail because of this part not functioning, you will not be able to enjoy air continuing or heat until it is replaced. The defroster will also not function without this motor moving the air.