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Dodge Blower Motor

It is the Dodge Blower Motor that provides the force for the air circulation in the passenger compartment. This is a fan that has its blades that look similar to a hamster wheel in its shape. This shape of the blower motor fan blade makes it possible for the maximum amount of air to be pushed through the ventilation system in your Dodge for the comfort of the passengers.

The Dodge blower motor is used for the passenger compartment so air can be moved under the discretion of the driver, but the actual component is accessed from under the hood on your vehicle. This makes it easy to diagnose if and when a problem with the blower motor or the circulation of air in your passenger temperature control system occurs.

Common problems with the blower motor on a vehicle include debris finding its way into the air intake system binding against the fan blade preventing it from turning. Those vehicles equipped with the new passenger cabin air filter cleaners no longer have to worry about this one. The blower motor can also be over taxed by a clogged intake portal which can burn out the electrical motor causing it to fail on your Dodge vehicle.

The first step in diagnosing the problem when a lack of air is circulating in your passenger cabin is the checking of the fuse for the blower. If that passes inspection then power to the electrical motor should be checked with a volt meter. If both of those situations pass and the fan blade is clear of debris the electrical motor should be replaced. This will make it possible for air to be circulated in the passenger cabin of your Dodge once again.