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The air inside your passenger compartment is moved by your Ford blower motor. It is located under the dash or mounted to the fire wall under the hood for easy access. The fan blade resembles a hamster's running wheel so the air can be moved perpendicular to the motor's shaft instead of outward like on most fans people have in their home. The blower motor on your Ford will wear out over time since it is an electrical component. Replacement is the only option when this occurs. Before replacing the Ford blower motor on your vehicle, it should first be checked. This is accomplished by locating it and pulling it from the duct work. Once it is pulled, make sure it is grounded to a metal surface and turn it on. If the blower begins to turn, look in the duct work to see if any debris was interfering with the rotation of the blower motor blades causing it not to push air. This does occur since the blower motor is mounted near the air intake for your passenger compartment temperature control system. At this time the intake area along with the duct work area should also be cleared of any debris that is present. Without a properly functioning blower motor on your Ford, the passenger temperature control system will still function but the air will not be moved to the exit ducts on the dash. This condition could cause other portions of the passenger temperature control system to malfunction because of the extreme heat or cooling at the source not being permitted to be moved away. In some of the newer models there is a filter element at the intake duct of your Ford under the hood to help keep the larger debris from entering your system. If you have one, it should be cleaned or replaced at regular intervals.