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It is the Toyota Blower Motor that provides the means for the air to be move d in the passenger compartment on your vehicle. The blower motor is directly connected to the intake portal of the vent system of the passenger cabin temperature control device. This is the components that draw the fresh air into the system so it can be enjoyed by the passengers of the Toyota.

The shape of the fan blade on the blower motor is vastly different than the one most people are familiar with and use in their homes. The fan blade more closely resembles that of a hamster exercise wheel that has small blades on it which pushes the air perpendicular to the shaft instead to out away from the face of the blower motor. This configuration is a space saving concept without compromising on the volume of air the blower can push through the ventilation system on your Toyota.

Situations that cause the Toyota blower motor to wear out or age prematurely is when the cabin air filter is clogged requiring the motor to work harder in providing the necessary air for the system to function. If debris enters the intake portal of this system it can also become lodged in the fan blade causing it to stop spinning and wearing or burning out the motor.

The replacement of the blower motor is not a complicated procedure. Most of them are easily accessed from under the hood of the Toyota on the firewall. There is generally only one wiring leading to them and the base is held down by four or five bolts that once removed will give the repair technician access to the entire hit for replacement.