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Some devices on our cars, trucks and SUV's are designed to assist in the proper completion of maintenance procedures and a prime example of this is a brake bleeder screw. If you notice that the brake pedal in your vehicle feels spongy then you may have a defective bleeder screw releasing fluid. You should visually inspect these devices to see if you notice any signs of leakage. Proper maintenance of the brake system is essential to safety and requires immediate attention. Brake systems must maintain the correct amount of fluid at all times to protect the components within the system. If air is present then the fluid flow is obstructed and your brakes will lose their integrity due to inadequate lubrication and pressure. This situation can present several issues and premature wear and damage to components. Air in the brake system will allow the seals to dry out and not function as they are required to. Defective brake bleeder screws will hinder your capability to remove pockets of air within the brake system. If they don't open and close as they are designed to then they must be replaced as soon as possible.

The best way to describe brake bleeder screws is that they are basically manually operated check valves that open as they are loosened and close as they are tightened. These devices are located throughout the brake system to allow you to remove any air that may be present. Most cars, trucks or SUV's have at least five brake bleeder screws at various locations. They are incorporated on all of the brake callipers on a vehicle as well as wheel cylinders on shoe style brakes. They are also located on the master cylinder or brake fluid reservoir. This allows us to release trapped air throughout the entire brake system.

The difficulty level of replacing brake bleeder screws is normally based on their condition and location. If the vehicle you are performing this procedure on has disc brakes you will be required to place the automobile on jack stands and remove the wheels to facilitate this task. One of the most important tools that are required for this procedure is penetrating oil. You need to apply a generous amount of penetrating oil to the bleeder screw and let it soak in thoroughly before attempting to remove it. You need to use an appropriate wrench to remove them because it must fit very tightly to avoid rounding it off. They will also break will easily requiring you to be very careful during the removal process. After the new brake bleeders are installed you need to add fluid to the system and bleed all of the air you can for proper brake system operation.

When buying brake bleeder screws they must be the specific size and meet or exceed OEM requirements. Brakes are a huge safety device that we depend on to reduce the possibility of accidents and insure the safety of ourselves and our families on a daily basis. Car Parts Discount is the automotive supply source that you can bank on to know you are receiving the best quality parts available. CPD has brake bleeder screws and any other parts you will ever need to complete quality preventive maintenance and repairs on all your vehicles at the best prices.