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Brake Dust Shield Backing Plate

Aftermarket & OEM Brake Dust Shield Backing Plate

If you hear a rubbing sound coming from one of the wheels on your car, truck, or SUV this could be due to a defective brake backing plate. You should conduct a thorough visual inspection to check the serviceability and security of the component. Due to their location and function they are subjected to the elements and the most typical cause for failure is due to rust. This malfunction must be addressed as soon as possible to prevent damage to associated brake components resulting in more extensive repair requirements. When brake dust shields deteriorate then vital brake components such as rotors, callipers, and hub assemblies are exposed to the elements. This situation creates an environment for water and debris to be retained that can lead to serious issues.

Brake dust shields serve several essential functions to facilitate the appropriate operation of a vehicles braking system. They prevent vital brake components from being exposed to water, dirt and debris extending the life span of these devices. They are constructed utilizing moulded sheet metal and designed to facilitate the specific application required. In some situations they may consist of more than one piece of metal based on the configuration incorporated. They can also provide a mounted surface to appropriately secure other brake system components such as brake hoses and emergency brake cables.

Replacing a brake backing plate is not a complex procedure; but it can be very labor intensive based on the vehicle involved in the process. In some circumstances you may be required to remove the complete braking system. You may also be required to remove axles or hub assemblies depending on the configuration. You must evaluate the requirements for your specific situation and incorporate the appropriate methods that best apply to the procedure.

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