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The safety of your vehicle is essential to eliminate the possibility of an accident, and a defective brake light switch can make you very accident prone. The worst way to find out that your brake lights aren't working is by an angry driver honking the horn because they did not come on when you braked. You should check all the lights on your vehicle on a regular basis to maximize safety for yourself and your passengers. If you notice that none of your brake lights are working, it is probably not bad bulbs that all went out at the same exact time. It would have to be a central component that controls the operation of all brake lights, like the brake light switch. Another indication of a faulty switch is if you hit the brakes when your cruise control is on and it doesn't disengage. On most vehicles, the brake light switch is a dual purpose switch that engages your brake lights and disengages your cruise control. Failure of this switch increases the potential for an accident. This is a required repair, and you shouldn't even operate your vehicle until the problem is resolved.

A brake light switch is one the most simple electrical components that you will run across, because it is basically a push-button switch that has been modified for this application. It is mounted to your brake pedal arm and when you push the brake pedal down, the switch button pushes against a metal plate to close the switch. This completes the circuit and turns your brake lights on and your cruise control off. Most of these brake light switches only have two wires, one for input and one for output. For more information see how a brake light switch works.

There is no need to take your vehicle to a professional automotive shop and pay high labor prices to have them change your brake light switch - this is a very easy project to do yourself. The switch is located on your brake pedal control arm and normally just requires removing the electrical connection plug and one mounting nut. This could be a little more complicated depending on the vehicle, but most are that easy. You would normally want to start by removing the electrical connection, but sometimes removing the switch from the bracket first will facilitate this process. Be careful removing the electrical plug so that you don't damage the retaining clips, if applicable. Then you install the new switch and make sure everything is properly secured. When you have completed this task you should take a few minutes to check all the lights on the vehicle for proper operation.

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