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An essential part to have functioning so you can stop is your Buick brake lines and hoses. These auto parts are made specifically for your make and model so the correct amount of hydraulic pressure can be received by the calipers and your vehicle will be effectively slowed down. Each brake line and hose for your Buick is made specifically for one application. This is an auto part that should never be interchanged with any other than for its listed intentions. The hydraulic fluid that travels thru them is at high pressure when the brake pedal is applied. If there is even a small imperfection in the seals or the brake line and hose themselves, brake failure can and will occur on your Buick. All replacement Buick brake line and hoses are made to meet or exceed original equipment specifications. This is one of the parts where a cheap replacement in order to save money is highly discouraged. The brake line and hoses are the part of the braking system that carries the hydraulic fluid from the master cylinder to the disc calipers and wheel cylinders. This has to be a sealed system for optimum performance. If you have to change the brake line and hose on your Buick, it is recommended that you also replace the brake fluid of the system. Any moisture in this system will cause the parts to prematurely age and corrode. This will include the pitting on the walls in the brake calipers and wheel cylinder walls which could cause the pistons to bind and not work properly causing a brake failure. Bringing your Buick to a controlled and smooth stop is an essential part of your vehicles purpose in transporting you and your passengers from one destination to another safely. Always have a qualified person to perform your brake job so all of the parts are properly put into place.