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The hydraulic fluid that travels through your Chevrolet brake lines and hoses is under an extreme amount of pressure when the brakes are being applied to stop your car. This is a closed loop system that cannot have even the smallest leak or it will negatively affect the stopping power of your Chevrolet. The brake line and hoses on your car connect the brake master cylinder to the calipers and/or wheel cylinders. The lines run next to the body of your Chevrolet and to the wheel cylinders while the hoses are at the end points of the calipers. This is why brake fluid, if leaking, can be found anywhere between the front wheels to the rear wheels. The main reason for your Chevrolet brake lines and hoses to form a leak is mostly attributed to age. Over time the metal lines do rust out from the exterior and if moisture is in the brake system, from the interior. The hoses are made of a reinforced polymer that will crack as they age. Inspection of the brake lines on your Chevrolet?s is carried out by 2 technicians. One is applying pressure to the brake system while the second is looking at the brake lines and hoses for a leak. A leak is easy to spot because of the pressure in this system that will create a fountain-like, squirting action from the brake hose or caliper. If even the smallest leak is detected, replacement of the part where it originates should be carried out. If a section of the polymer portion of the brake hoses has the leak, both the left and right side hoses should be replaced if age is the reason for the failure of the part. This way you will be safe when applying the brakes in the future while traveling down the road.