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The only purpose of the Chrysler brake lines and hoses are to provide for the transfer of the hydraulic fluid from the master cylinder of your vehicle to the brake calipers and wheel cylinders. This transfer of fluid will be applied when the brake pedal is pushed down. If there is any type of leak in these components, brake failure can occur. The first indication that there might be a leak in the brake lines on your Chrysler is the way the brake pedal feel squishy or soft. If this is felt, air has already made it into this closed loop system. The difference in the way the pedal is felt is due to the compression rates of air and the hydraulic fluid. Air can easily be compressed while the hydraulic fluid cannot. Air can enter the system from a crack or break in the brake hoses. If a broken brake line or hose is suspected then a puddle on the pavement could be seen where the car has been parked for some time. This will give the inspector a starting point to look for the leak. To identify just which of the Chrysler brake lines and hoses have the split or crack, the hood of the car should be raised with the engine running. By looking near the area where the puddle was found have a second person depresses the brake pedal. A leak on your Chrysler will appear to be like a fountain. This is due to the high level of pressure the brake system compresses the hydraulic fluid at. Once the leak is found in the brake hose on your car, it should be replaced. The fluid in the brake system of your Chrysler should also then be bleed to remove any possible trapped air in the system. Now your vehicle is ready and safe to be taken out on the open road.