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It is the Dodge brake lines and hoses that allow the pressure of the brake fluid to be applied to the wheel cylinders and calipers on your vehicle. They are part of the closed loop hydraulic system you have on your Dodge. Since this is a closed loop system, any leak in the brake lines and hoses will cause partial or total brake failure of your vehicle. Metal brakes lines connect the brake master cylinder to the rear brakes. Metal brake lines also run up to near the front wheels. The final connection to the front brakes is with a brake hose. This is due to the need for flexibility in this connection on your Dodge car or truck. A leak in a brake hose can be caused by age of the part causing a leak or the reinforced polymer of the hose breaking or cracking. A leak in one of these parts can be noticed by the formation of a puddle on the pavement. This brake fluid is cleaner than motor oil along with being thinner. To test for a leak in one of your Dodge brake lines or hoses, the car's braking system will have to be placed under a load. The brake pedal will have to be depressed with the engine running. Near where the puddle appeared is the best place to look for a leak in the brake line. The leak will appear as a fountain of fluid rushing out of the break. This squirting effect is due to the high pressure in the system. This break also allows for air to enter this otherwise closed loop system. When air is present in the brake line and hoses, the pedal will feel squishy on your Dodge. If the leaking component is not replaced the braking power of your Dodge will be severely compromised.