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The conduits that are the Honda brake line and hose make it possible for the hydraulic fluid that is pressurized in one location and using that to apply force where it is needed. This force is created in the brake master cylinder. It is the brake lines and hoses that transfer this pressure to the brake calipers and/or the wheel cylinders on each wheel of your vehicle. Because the only purpose of the brake lines and hoses is the safe and efficient transfer of this pressurized fluid, it operates as a closed loop system on your Honda vehicle. For this reason, if a leak does occur then the failing part must be quickly identified and replaced. That way, your Honda will have sufficient stopping power to bring your vehicle to a halt when it is required. There are several ways an owner of a vehicle will be aware of a problem in the braking system. When a leak occurs in the brake lines or hoses, the brake pedal will begin to feel different. As fluid leaks out, the pedal will have to travel further to obtain the same braking power. When the brake pedal is then released, air will enter this otherwise closed loop system. Since air can be compressed, the braking efficiency of your Honda will be significantly diminished. A leak from the brake line or hose will also leave a puddle of clear thin oil on the pavement. This is another indication there is a leak in your braking system. It is not addressed when noticed, the leak in the Honda brake line or hose will be replaced with air causing total brake failure on your vehicle. This will make your car unsafe to drive on the road.