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It is the Jeep brake line and hoses that help keep this workhorse from colliding with obstacles and travelling too fast by delivering the hydraulic fluid pressure needed to stop the vehicle. This is part of the closed loop system that must not have any leaks to perform its function properly. It is the brake line and hoses that transport the hydraulic pressure to the wheel cylinders and calipers from the brake master cylinder on your Jeep. This stopping action is initiated when the driver pushes down on the brake pedal. It places pressurized hydraulic fluid in the Jeep brake lines and hoses. If there is a leak in this system, not only will fluid leak out when it is pressurized but air will replace the lost fluid compromising the system's ability to function properly. The fluid that will come from a break in the brake line and hoses is clearer and thinner than motor oil. If a puddle is noticed near one of the wheels on your Jeep (the typical place there is a break), then an inspection of your braking system should occur immediately. A leak can also be felt in the pedal when it is being depressed by being softer than usual. When the system is pressurized is the best time to look for a break in the brake line and hoses. This is when the fluid will be rushing out of your Jeep's braking system. Remember if a leak is found, it has to be repaired immediately or the break in the brake line and hose will just continue to suck in air compromising the ability of your vehicle to stop in an efficient manner.