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The conduits used to stop your vehicle are the Lexus Brake Lines and Hoses. The brake lines and hoses are used to transfer the hydraulic brake fluid from the brake master cylinder to the brake wheel assembles on your Lexus.

The brake lines and hoses are of a small diameter so the hydraulic pressure passing through them does not lose any of its potential force while moves along the path to the brake assemblies. The level of pressure in these conduits varies from none to the full capacity of what the brake master cylinder produces when the brake pedal is pushed to the floor by the driver of the Lexus.

Of the Lexus brake lines and hoses; it is the polymer hoses that generally have a breach in them when brake fluid is leaking from this otherwise closed loop system. Brake fluid will only leak when the system is pressurized.

Once a breach in either the brake lines or hoses occurs, the braking potential of your Lexus will be compromised. Not only will the brake fluid leak out of the breach, but air will replace it. Air can easily be compressed which will negatively affect the stopping power of your vehicle.

The easiest way to find the breach in your braking system is to first fill up the reservoir in the brake master cylinder. With one person pressing down on the brake pedal, a second person should be looking under the vehicle for a fountain of fluid emanating from the breach. This will make it easy for the breach in either the brake line or hose to be identified so replacement of the correct and failing component can occur.