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With your Mazda brake lines and hoses free of any leak, the transfer of pressurized hydraulic fluid is accomplished in an efficient manner. These are sealed conduits that receive pressurized brake fluid in them when the brake pedal in the passenger compartment is being pressed down. If there is a leak in one of these lines, the level at which the hydraulic fluid can be pressurized will be adversely affected. The Mazda brake lines and hoses connect the brake master cylinder to the calipers and/or the wheel cylinders on your vehicle. Flexible brake hoses are ultimately connected to the calipers and cylinders so the wheels have the freedom to turn and travel up and down. Since brake lines can consist of metal and rubber parts, it is generally the reinforced polymer hoses that will develop a leak causing a problem in this closed loop system on your Mazda. This can be felt in the way the brake pedal feels when pressure is being applied to it. This will be a softer than usual response from in the pedal on your Mazda, and in most instances the pedal will continue to move downward until it hits the floor. This is when you can be relatively sure that a hole in a brake hose has been formed. An inspection under the Mazda vehicle will help to pin point the location of the break in the brake line or hose. This will be indicated with a puddle of clear thin hydraulic fluid on the pavement. Once this is located then pressure should be applied to the brake hoses so the exact location of the leak can be found by looking for a fountain of fluid emanating from the leak. With this information, the broken hose can be removed and replaced.