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The task of the Nissan brake lines and hoses is to supply the pressurized hydraulic fluid from the master cylinder to the wheels on your vehicle so this power can be converted to mechanical motion at the calipers and/or wheel cylinders. There are Nissan brake lines and hoses on all vehicles of this manufacturer since the first one to all of them being produced today. There are long metal lines that run to both the front and back wheel assemblies. Since the wheels move when the vehicle is being maneuvered, the flexibility of the brake hoses is necessary so the connection can be maintained. The brake hoses on your Nissan should last for a number of years. The polymer portion of the hoses is the most common location for a problem to happen. This is when the reinforced polymer becomes dry over time and cracks under the extreme pressure of the hydraulic fluid that is passing through it. When this occurs the Nissan owner will notice the brake pedal being softer and the brake power of the vehicle will be negatively impaired. When a leak does occur in the brake line, a puddle will be found on the pavement and the surrounding components on your vehicle. When the pressure on the brake pedal is released, air will be sucked into the break on the brake hose which will interfere with the performance of the brake system. The exact location of this leak in the brake line can only be seen when pressure is being applied to the brake system so brake fluid will be leaking when an inspector is looking for it. This leak will appear as a fountain as long as pressure is present in your Nissan braking system.