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The pathway the Oldsmobile brake lines and hoses provide for the braking system make it possible for pressurized hydraulic fluid to reach their destination so it can be converted to mechanical motion. There are brake lines and hoses connecting the front and rear brake calipers and/or wheel cylinders to the brake master cylinder on your Oldsmobile. The flexibility of the brake hose that makes these connections is required at the point of greatest suspension travel because your wheels and axles are never stationary. At locations where the brake line travels that do not travel or turn (along floor pans, frame rails, etc.), usually a solid hard brake line is used. It is generally the rubber or polymer component of your brake hoses where a leak of hydraulic fluid can occur. This is just the nature of the material used in their construction. In time the polymer hardens and develops cracks. With high pressure being sent from the master cylinder on your Oldsmobile, a leak can develop through the cracks and open this closed loop system to the outside atmosphere. When a break in the Oldsmobile brake line or hose occurs and the brake fluid leaks out, air is then sucked into the opening. This is when the braking system on your vehicle is beginning to be adversely affected by the loss of hydraulic fluid. This leak of brake fluid can be identified at first by a softness felt on the brake pedal during the stopping process of the vehicle. It will also have a puddle of brake fluid under the Oldsmobile when it is parked. If either of these conditions is noticed a replacement of the faulty brake line or hose must be accomplished before total brake failure occurs when the vehicle is in motion on the road.