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The stopping power of the braking system is transported through the Pontiac brake line and hoses. It is these conduits that make it possible to generate hydraulic force in one area of your vehicle and have it applied in another area. The brake lines and hoses on your Pontiac are part of a closed loop hydraulic system that must not be breached in order for it to function properly. If this system has a leak that allows for the hydraulic fluid to leave this system, the owner of the Pontiac must also be aware of that air is replacing that missing fluid. Air can be compressed significantly and when in the closed loop system of the brake lines and hoses, reduces the level of pressure that can be transferred by these conduits. The leak will also prevent what brake fluid is present from building up to the regular operating pressure required in your vehicle. Because of those two reasons, as soon as a leak is noticed in the Pontiac brake lines or hoses the auto component should be replaced. Symptoms of a leaking brake line or hose will include a puddle of hydraulic fluid on the pavement below where the vehicle is parked. The driver will also notice the brake pedal is no longer as stiff as it once was and in some instances the brake pedal might be capable of being pushed to the floor. To positively locate the leak in the brake line or hose, pressure has to be in the system when an inspection is being carried out on your Pontiac. With one person applying pressure to the brake pedal, a second person should be looking for a fountain of fluid emanating from the hole. This fountain will only last for the time that pressure is present in the system.