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The pressure conduits that are referred to as the Toyota brake hoses are essential components for the proper operation of your braking system. These brake lines are in place for the transfer of pressured hydraulic fluid being generated by the brake master cylinder. This fluid then travels to the brake calipers in the front of the Toyota and the wheel cylinders in the rear. The brake lines and hoses are part of a closed loop system, and cannot be exposed to the atmosphere outside of them if they are to continue performing their task correctly. When this system is breached with a leak of any kind, the braking power of the vehicle is compromised. When there is a leak in the Toyota brake lines, the brake pedal will need to travel farther for the driver to experience the same level of resistance as felt before the breach. The pedal will generally also continue to travel downward until it hits the floor because of this loss of resistance. This is due to a constant drop of hydraulic pressure and fluid in the system. When this situation is encountered, an inspection of the brake lines and hoses should happen immediately so total brake failure on your Toyota can be avoided. A proper inspection of the brake hoses can only happen when there is pressure in them. To do this the reservoir of brake fluid should first be filled up then pressure should be exerted on the brake pedal. At the same time a visual inspection of the braking conduits on the Toyota should be done looking for a spray or fountain of fluid coming from the breach. Once located the faulty part should be replaced so the braking system can be restored to an operational status.