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The ability of the Volkswagen brake lines and hoses to stand up to and efficiently transport the high hydraulic pressures of this braking system makes it possible for a single action (pressing the brake pedal) to affect components in different areas of the vehicle. In the connections of the brake lines and hoses on your Volkswagen are polymer O rings. These, along with brass or steel fittings, are made of a durable material but in time will dry out and crack under the stress that is exerted against them. When this event occurs, the hydraulic fluid they were built to contain will breach its containment. This is when a puddle of clear oil will be noticed under the Volkswagen when it is parked. If one or more of your Volkswagen brake hoses are leaking, you might also notice a difference in the way the brake pedal feels when pressure is being applied to it. This will be in a much softer than expected feeling accompanied with the inability to come to a full stop as quickly as you did before. That is because of the leaking hydraulic fluid from either the brake line or hose the pressure cannot be maintained. To identify where the leak is in the brake lines, the owner of the Volkswagen must first locate the puddle. This will give them the vicinity of the leak. Then pressure can be applied to the brake system by depressing the brake pedal. When this is happening, an inspector should be in the vicinity where the known leak is occurring. This will enable them to locate the exact position of the leaking brake line or hose so a replacement part can be put into place restoring the braking system to operational status.