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When do you need to replace your brake pad wear sensors?

If you are driving down the street and hear a rattling noise when you go over bumps, or if your brake or ABS indicator is on, it might be time to check your brake pad wear sensors. If not detected when the malfunction initializes, gone unattended this can create more serious problems that you don't want to encounter. If you have a sensor that is damaged or disconnected this could have a negative effect on all of your other brake system components which can be very costly. If this component is not in working order then you lose the ability to know the status of your brake linings. If your pads have excessive wear that goes undetected causing metal to metal contact, it can damage your brake rotors which would then require replacement. The Department of Transportation has strict guidelines about the required thickness for brake rotors on all vehicles on the road. These measurements are so critical that they are measured with calibrated micrometers down to thousands of an inch. These are just a few examples of the complications you could have if your brake pad wear sensors are not functioning properly. Pay a little now or a lot later.

What do brake pad wear sensors do?

New Brake Pad Wear SensorsBrake pad wear sensors were developed to provide you with an indicator so you know your pads may require replacement. On older vehicles they use to have anti-rattle clips that served a dual purpose. These clips were designed to hold the pads in place and as the pads began to get worn too low this clip would make metal to metal contact to warn you. Now everything is electronic and a light comes on your dashboard that you can easily see. Modern braking technology has definitely come a long way since the early days of horse-drawn buggies and drum brakes.

This job couldn't be easier.

If you take your vehicle to a professional automotive service shop, this can become an expensive procedure to replace brake pad sensors and it's easy to do yourself. You need to raise the vehicle and place it on automotive approved jack stands to complete this task properly and safely. Then you need to remove the tire to have access to the brake pad wear sensor. These sensors are different depending on what kind of vehicle you have so you first need to evaluate the situation. Before you remove the brake pad sensor pay close attention to how it is mounted and the electrical connections. Most of these have lock clips that can break if you are not very careful and release them properly. Then you remove the old sensor and install the new one. Make sure that lock clips are secured properly and the sensor is secured properly as well.

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