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Dodge Brake Rotors & Discs

The Dodge brake rotors and discs are the component in your hydraulic braking system that is directly connected to the wheels of your vehicle. This is also the part that the brake pads come in contact with so your vehicle can be slowed down or stopped. The brake pads are squeezed against the brake discs by the calipers of the braking system you have on your Dodge. Because of this contact, the surface area of the brake discs has to remain as smooth as possible. The manner in which this surface can be damaged is when the brake pads are worn out and the backing plate they are mounted to comes in contact with this otherwise smooth surface. This is when the Dodge brake rotors and discs have grooves ground into them. This will produce a grinding sound that the driver can hear. The longer this situation persists, the greater the damage to the brake rotors. The efficiency of the braking system will also begin to be compromised causing the driver to apply more pressure on the brake pedal, increasing the severity of the damage being inflicted on this component. With grooves present on the brake rotors and discs during a routine brake job, the part will have to be measured and either the grooves will have to be taken off by means of a lathe or the parts will have to be replaced. Replacement is more often recommended because the rotors have to remain thick enough for the heat of the braking process to be properly dissipated on your Dodge. Because of the cost in replacing this part of your braking system, it is advisable for the driver of the Dodge to immediately have a brake job done on their vehicle at the first hint of the grinding being heard.